Legacy Tribute Video

A Legacy Tribute Video is a video memoir that captures the stories and history of an individual or couple.

Through individual interviews and a life-time of family photos we edit together a deeply personal family documentary.

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What is a Legacy Tribute Video?

A Legacy Tribute Video is a video memoir that captures the stories and history of an individual or couple. Often we are approached to create a family documentary to celebrate a special occasion or experience.

Memories are captured through filmed interviews and then edited together with family photos, documents, maps and other memorabilia. The finished movie is a beautiful and captivating “moving portrait” that tells the story of an individual, couple or family – in their own words.

This is a wonderful way to honour your family members and create a lasting legacy for future generations. 

Most families consider creating a memorial video after they’ve already lost that someone they most cherish. Our approach is to interview and record them while they’re still with us, thereby creating a family heirloom that is a celebration of life! 

✓ Documentary Style Family Tribute Video

✓ Individual and Group Family Video Interviews

✓ Combinging Old Videos With Old Photos

✓ Any Length You Want  / Typically About 60 Minutes

✓ Permanently Saved Family Stories And Memories

✓ Crystal Clear Audio and Video

✓ Full HD – 1080P / 4K Option

✓ Downloadable Digital Copy

✓ Private Website Option for Sharing

✓ Free Quote Upon Request

How does this work?

Every family’s needs and goals are unique; however this is the typical process we follow:

  • We meet with the family members who are requesting our services to learn more about their goals, needs and expectations. In this first meeting we outline what to expect and how much of a time investment it is. We understand that our clients time is most important and we will not waste any of it.
  • We schedule 3 to 5 shooting days that focus on interviewing the people being honored. Quick interviews with other family members could also be included. In this way we can incorporate everyone into the final product, almost like a time capsule built around the love of the family. We will often hire a professional photographer to join us on some shoots to help record extra family moments in the final video.
  • Once our interviews are recorded we then create a particular list of photographs that are needed to support those interviews. For example, if Grandpa was in the army, we would try to include a photograph of him in the army. This is often the most time-consuming aspect of our work but which also has the greatest impact of the story telling within your tribute video. Sometimes this is just us sitting with your person of interest and scanning through family photo albums.
  • Our video editor has 20 years experience in the industry and will weave together the video interviews we have shot, the professional photographs we have taken, and the hundreds of photographs we have scanned, and will magically combine them with music, titles and moving graphics.
Request a Quote Call: 780-975-8430 robert@legacytributevideo.ca

How long will the final video be? 

Every family will have different needs, desires and budgets. We are also trying to create a final product that encapsulates some of the most important moments in your family’s lives, and therefore we hate to trim anything out. Family Legacy Tribute Videos generally run about an hour.

We deliver a high quality polished treasure for the family to love and cherish for generations.

What do we get?

You will receive a special web page that includes the entirety of your Family Legacy Tribute video as both a playable online video and a downloadable file.

We can also include downloadable links for all of the working files you wish, and all the professional photos that were taken. The website will stay live as long as you wish, however anything longer than 2 years will have a cost associated.

You will also receive a small wooden gift box which will include all of your video files on a USB Memory Stick (USB 3) which you can play on your TV or computer. We will include enough memory sticks for all of your family. Also, upon request we can provide you with a playable DVD as well.

You can expect:

  • Feature length mini-documentary around the specific person being celebrated
  • The full HD quality final video in your own personalized USB Stick
  • Private Website with your video embedded for watching or downloading

What about COVID?

We follow all of today’s mandated Alberta guidelines to prevent new infections, and we also have the added pressure of keeping our clients most vulnerable family members safe.

We will work with you to set up and manage a safe and Lowe impact video interview process possible. Often this means scheduling interview outside, or in large spaces with the least amount of crew possible, all while wearing masks and keeping distances.

How much does it cost?

Some of the most cherished family heirlooms are completely intangible — they’re the stories we share through the generations. Repeating those stories when loved ones gather is one way to keep them alive, and recording them on video guarantees we can share them with for generations.

The table below provides some general guidelines to help you understand the scope and potential costs associated with a project. However, every project is unique and you will be provided with a detailed quote before any work begins.

Project Type Includes Typical Cost
Authentic Package 2 Days of Interviews $10,000
The Deep Dive 3 Days of Interviews, Drone and Photographer $15,000
The Ultimate Family 4 Day of Interviews/Locations, Drone, Photographer, Website $22,000
Family Legacy Video Interviews

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